A House under the Trees

A House under the Trees

My house was a cottage bungalow
Where trees inclined into a canopy
Shading flowers in a lovely garden.
Under filtered sun bloomed February’s orchids,
And under full sun grew fruitful trees,
For ripe fruits pleased any friend.

My sister came by, my bosom friend.
She purpled my only bungalow
As meditated under the trees
Lay bowing under the canopy.
She grew new orchids
While glorifying the garden.

We walked in Heaven’s garden
Side by side, we whispered, my friend.
We offered my neighbor delicate velvety orchids.
In harmony, my sister and I shared the bungalow.
Unpretentious it stood strong under the canopy.
Only hurricanes threatened the trees.

The seed of life thrived into trees,
Which welcomed a sanctuary in our garden.
Prayer, rest, and peace practiced under the canopy.
My sister Lynn swept the rooms like a friend.
A warm welcome guided the visitors into the bungalow
An open house called February’s orchids.

In the home grew sister orchids,
Which perfumed the inside as under the trees.
We sat on the porch of our bungalow
We counted hundreds of flowers some Beach Sunflowers in our garden.
My sister Lynn, my treasured friend,
Cared for every inch of earth under the canopy.

A house under a canopy
Was for sale with all orchids.
Adam came by and asked ‘why’ like a friend.
A sign pointed to the marvel under the trees.
Unfair offers kept the sign in the garden
Why attracting buyers to our lovely bungalow?

We loved the canopy over the bungalow.
We counted tens of orchids in the garden.
Forever friends, we lived under the trees.



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