Let me go at last;
I will go on tip toe past
Such an outcast.

Let me go so I can be hale;
I promise to silence my tale;
No one will know in detail.

Let me move to forget fast;
Anyone will see “ in vidi veritas”
Why fear a recast?

Let me go so I can learn and revise
With the strong and the wise,
The scholars comprise.

Let me find peace in silence;
I will not claim goods for vengeance;
So empty hands I will join for instance.
Let me out to see the light,
Brighter than yesterday’s respite,
To find my realm to visit.

Let my heavy chains down alone
To feel the weight of my own;
I will follow the way shown.

Let me see the horizon I analyzed
To better serve the time ahead prized;
I will not need any help theorized.

Let me go free as a khan;
Forget me and live on
Glad on the ground whereon.


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