The Flames

In cast iron starts the fire
Hands around move off
The burning furnace blows
Heat waves ascend such a wildfire.

Window resists to glass shatter
And offers the flames flickering
From yellow, red, to blue
Dancing with the carbon matter.

O element of fire burn! overtime
Show! the blaze of royal blue
With light hotter than sun rays
Forge! an obsidian in wintertime.

Flames of passion,
Betrayal, evil and death
Engulf thy sins in action.
Glory! Arms of thee reach up.

Flames of war, blasphemy,
Torture, and cupidity
Burn the offenders, see!
Their afterlife battling the flames.

Cast iron holds the fire
Body around fear! the burn
Keep! at bay of steady glows
Beware! the wave of light shadows.


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